Women and girls of Afghanistan urgently need your support – here’s how to help

Women and girls of Afghanistan urgently need your support – here’s how to help Info
The world has watched in horror as the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, raising fears of a return to harsh oppression of women and girls. While the Taliban claims it will “respect women’s rights,” many remain skeptical given the group’s brutal track record.

The UK announced plans to relocate up to 20,000 Afghan refugees, with a focus on women, children and other vulnerable groups. But women in Afghanistan need help now.

Here are eight organizations working to support women and girls in Afghanistan:

Madre: This international women’s rights group is providing funding to local organizations in Afghanistan and helping women escape the country.

Choose Love: This group is providing aid to Afghan refugees who have fled the country, including clothing, shelter and support for children. It also backs projects protecting women’s and children’s rights.

Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation: This group has provided education for girls in Afghanistan since 2008. Donations will help expand enrollment for displaced families and fund staff, students and families.

Women for Women International: Donations will help Women for Women International continue operating in Afghanistan and supporting women leaders and activists at risk.

Emergency Funds for Afghan Artists: Donations will help Afghan artists, who face threats under Taliban rule, with documentation to leave the country, food, travel and basic living expenses.

The Afghan Women’s Support Forum: This independent alliance works to help Afghan women realize health, freedoms and potential.

Help refugees in the UK: The UK government’s website explains how to offer housing, foster care, clothing, toys and other help for refugees in your area.

Haringey Welcome: This group of London volunteers works for fairness, dignity and respect for migrants and refugees.

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