University of Tennessee Knoxville Class of 2022 Enters Next Chapter

University of Tennessee at Knoxville graduates share future plans Info
Knoxville, TN – The University of Tennessee Knoxville held its commencement ceremonies last week, graduating over 3,000 students from the Class of 2022. After overcoming immense challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s graduates are entering the next stage of their lives with a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and hope.”I’m both excited and apprehensive,” said graduate Amelia Smith, who received her degree in Marketing. “The job market seems welcoming, but there’s still so much uncertainty in the world. I’m hoping my degree will open new doors so I can start my career.”Like Smith, many students expressed optimism in their job prospects following graduation. This year’s class enters a job market with near record-high demands in several fields like healthcare, tech, and business. The overall U.S. unemployment rate sits at just 3.6% as of May, the lowest since the pandemic began.

However, some students plan to continue their education before entering the workforce. “I’ve been accepted to several law schools and plan to start this fall,” said John Lee, a graduate with a degree in Political Science. “My goal is to become a civil rights attorney, so earning my law degree is the next step.”

Regardless of the paths they now pursue, the University’s newest alumni have endured and persevered. At a time when the world drastically changed, they adapted to new challenges and learned critical skills that will benefit them for life. The UT Knoxville Class of 2022 proved their resilience and now stand ready to shape the future.

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