The Wild and Dangerous World of Outlaws MC: Exploring the Notorious Biker Gang

The Wild and Dangerous World of Outlaws MC: Exploring the Notorious Biker Gang Info

Short answer: Outlaws MC is an international motorcycle club known for its criminal activities, including drug trafficking and violent crimes. The club was founded in Illinois in 1935 and has been involved in various conflicts with law enforcement agencies.

How to Join the Outlaws MC – What You Need to Know

If you have a passion for motorcycles and adventure, then joining the Outlaws Motorcycle Club (MC) might be on your bucket list. Becoming an Outlaw member is no small feat, as it involves following strict rules and being part of a brotherhood that goes beyond just riding bikes.

First things first, let’s take a closer look at who the Outlaws MC is. The club was founded in 1935 in Illinois by World War II veterans looking to find camaraderie among fellow servicemen once they returned home. Today, there are over 100 chapters worldwide, with more than 1,500 members spread out across different countries.

So how do you become one of these elite members? Here’s what you need to know:

1. It Starts With Respect

Respect is paramount when interacting with any Outlaw member or prospect as they take this very seriously. They demand respect from all those around them including fellow bike enthusiasts who may not necessarily hold membership with the clubs; wronging or disrespecting an Outlaw MC member can lead to significant consequences.

2. Prospecting Can Take Time

Before becoming an official member of the Outlaws MC chapter near where you live or want to join up along your travels decide carefully before deciding if this life suits you best! You must go through a period called “prospecting” which can vary significantly in time depending upon which particular location one has chosen – usually spanning anywhere from six months up through two full years – if you’re able pass each step required during that process!

Prospective members will undertake various tasks assigned by their sponsor throughout that period,tasks such as attending local events organized within community areas like charity drives etc., working shifts voluntarily based on needs within respective chapters often undertaking security related duties wherever needed,the idea behind doing so is o show commitment towards reaching goals set forth together within club guidelines whilst ensuring inclusivity amongst all individuals involved whether considered prospects yet themselves or already established full patch members.

The prospecting journey within the Outlaws MC can be difficult, it is often said that “if motorbikes could speak; they’d tell you prospection is not for the faint-hearted.” The process takes time and requires dedication to really get know those who are a part of the club. It also includes deeper explorations and conversation, attending meetings & formal dinners, participating in Bike shows etc.

3. A United Club

Outlaw MCs pride themselves on being an organized collection of passionate individuals united by their shared passion around motorcycles! Communication skills matter here – communication amongst club members is considered an essential trait because group events will require everyone to work together who underpinning this culture which values transparency while maintaining security protocols agreed upon through code i.e CA/OMG Task force Conventions.

Most chapters hold regular meetings such as weekly rides outs ect., beer nights each has differing criteria when looking at expansion opportunities- but with prerequisite criteria including honesty both to fellow brothers but more importantly upholding loyalty shown towards chapter/s residents residing nearby – so careful

Step-by-Step Guide on Becoming a Member of Outlaws MC

If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of riding motorcycles, feels a sense of brotherhood with fellow riders or just want to experience adventure and freedom on two wheels, becoming a member of Outlaws MC may be something that interests you.

Outlaws Motorcycle Club is an international motorcycle club known for its involvement in criminal activities over years but has maintained their reputation for being fiercely independent and self-reliant. So if you think you have what it takes to join this legendary group, read on as we take a closer look at how to become a member.

1. Show Your Interest
Before anything else, showing your genuine interest in joining Outlaws MC must come first. You can start by attending their events such as rides or rallies if permitted and talking with any members present; let them know why you’re interested.

2. Get To Know The Culture
Getting involved with the culture will help prove that biking isn’t just a hobby but also your lifestyle; attend other gatherings like charity runs or swap meats etc., Wear biker clothing at all times – leather jackets/vests embroidered patches are preferred along with boots.

3. Build A Relationship With Outlaw Members

Outlaw MC values loyalty above all else so building trust and creating bonds within the organization is critical before prospects can be considered patched members(club’s ranking system). Maintain respectful exchanges whenever possible while refraining from initiating contact too frequently unless invited by respective clubs members where allowed (as usual).

4. Become A Prospect
In order to reach full membership status within the club, one must undergo several stages starting out as a prospect(also known ‘Prey’ or “Piglet”). This phase entails performing specific tasks during probationary period – often more than six months- designated by senior club members.

5.Show Commitment And Prove Yourself

During these times prospects demonstrate their commitment,willingness & dedication towards the club through obeying orders without question until they’re accepted within the fold. One’s duty as a prospect can include anything from cleaning up clubhouses, running errands for senior members to attending long distance runs.

6. Earn Your Patch

At this stage your commitment towards club earn you permission (invitation)to wear Outlaws MC patches on clothing which also qualifies prospects to attend official events with other motorcycle clubs and encourages them to attend annual National Runs organized by their founding chapters in different States in U.S or around the World.

7. Live By The Club’s Code

Once fully patched, it is exceptionally important that every member adhere to all rules and policies set forth by Outlaw MC settlement .Members must be willing not only abide but live by what outlaws stands up like brotherhood loyalty, integrity without any exceptions whatsoever- even come into conflict individuals who may see things differently than you do.

Becoming a member of an outlaw motorcycle club isn’t easy; it takes time, dedication and respect for others who share similar values while having fun & meaningful ride experiences!

Outlaws MC FAQ: Unpacking the Myths and Facts Surrounding this Notorious Club

When it comes to notorious motorcycle clubs, few groups have garnered the same level of infamy as the Outlaws MC. Known for their violent nature, intimidating appearance and general air of lawlessness, this group has become a lightning rod for speculation and myth-making across both mainstream culture and within biker communities.

However, separating fact from fiction when it comes to the Outlaws is no easy task. With so many conflicting stories circulating online and in popular media, understanding what makes this group tick requires a deep dive into its history, membership structure and values.

To help set things straight once and for all—and perhaps even shatter a few myths in the process—we’ve put together an Outlaws MC FAQ that answers some of the most pressing questions surrounding this controversial club.

Who Are The Outlaws MC?

The first thing to know about the Outlaws is that they’re not just one unified organization; instead, they’re made up of hundreds of chapters scattered throughout dozens of countries worldwide. While each chapter operates independently, they share certain core principles related to anti-authority sentiment and loyalty to fellow members.

In terms of origins—like many outlaw biker groups—the exact genesis story behind the formation of this club is somewhat murky. However, experts agree that it likely began in 1935 or thereabouts amongst World War II veterans who felt disillusioned by traditional societal norms upon returning home from serving overseas.

What Are Some Common Myths About The Outlaws?

There are plenty of exaggerated tales floating around out there concerning this infamous club which simply aren’t true:

1) Myth: All members are criminals

Fact: While there’s no denying that some chapters may attract people with criminal backgrounds based on common interests or affiliations (e.g., drug trafficking), being part of the Outlaws doesn’t necessarily mean someone is engaging in illegal activity themselves. Many members hold down legitimate jobs outside their involvement with the club.

2) Myth: They’re involved in organized crime on a global scale

Fact: While there’s no question that some chapters have engaged in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, extortion and racketeering, it’s important to note that the majority of members aren’t seized by corruption or violence. In fact, many modern-day Outlaws simply ride together for recreational purposes.

3) Myth: Women can’t be part of the club

Fact: It’s true that historically male-dominated biker clubs like the Hells Angels didn’t allow female members prior to recent years; however, women CAN become members of the Outlaws if voted into membership at any given chapter level – though whether they actually do so is another question entirely!

What Are The Key Values And Beliefs Of The Outlaws?

As we mentioned earlier, anti-authority sentiment and loyalty are two core values shared across all chapters of this club. But what else defines the group? Here are a few other key beliefs:

1) Brotherhood Comes First

This classic biker ethos rings true throughout each chapter of this notorious M/C. Members tend to

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