The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Knoxville’s Vibrant Strip

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Knoxville’s Vibrant Strip Info

**Short answer Knoxville the Strip:**
Knoxville’s “The Strip” refers to a section of Cumberland Avenue located near the University of Tennessee campus. The strip is home to several bars, restaurants, and shops popular among students and locals alike. It has undergone various renovations in recent years aimed at enhancing its appeal and safety for visitors.

Knoxville The Strip: Step-by-Step Tour of the Hottest Destination in Tennessee

Are you ready to experience the ultimate nightlife scene in Tennessee? Look no further than Knoxville’s famous strip. The strip is a stretch of Cumberland Avenue, located near the University of Tennessee campus and it has been one of the hottest destinations for decades.

From bars, restaurants to nightclubs, this strip has everything that will suit your partying needs. It comes alive when the sun goes down – so grab your friends and let’s go on a step-by-step tour of Knoxville’s strip!

Step 1: Start at Cool Beans

Cool Beans is an institution on The Strip that offers excellent coffee by day and drinks by night. This cozy little cafe is the perfect place to start your night off right with a pre-drink or two before hitting up some clubs.

Step 2: Hit Up Sidebar

Next up is Sidebar – A bar serving refined cocktails from expert mixologists. Choose from their extensive cocktail selection while listening to live bands playing different genres every other week; jazz, hip-hop or acoustic sounds are mainstays here.

Step 3: Check Out Electric Cowboy

It’s time for some music fun! Head over to Electric Cowboy where they guarantee country music played all throughout the night! As well as cowboy-themed decor like saddles hanging from walls, mechanical bull riding and line dancing make this club unique through its dedication exclusively to Country Music Culture.

Step 4: Break out Your Dance Moves at NV Nightclub

The final destination for our Strip Tour should be none other than NV nightclub – known for its prominent DJ lineup featuring world-renowned acts such as Snoop Dogg & Steve Aoki bringing electric vibes into town often.
This ultra-exclusive low-lit club caters more upscale crowds making sure everyone lets loose in style- getting sweaty with electrifying tunes until dawn breaks.

In conclusion,

Knoxville may not be Nashville when it comes to nightlife offerings but we cannot ignore how vibrant The Strip can get. With a mix of bars, dance clubs and lounges all packed on one street makes it the primary gathering place for socializing.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cold beer while watching live music or craving an exciting night surrounded by booming speakers oozing with energy – Knoxville’s Strip has everything you could ever desire!

Knoxville The Strip FAQs Answered: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

If you’re planning a trip to Knoxville, TN, then chances are that you’ll come across The Strip. It’s a popular destination for locals and tourists alike – an exciting stretch of Cumberland Avenue with ample dining, shopping, nightlife options and so much more.

While it’s undoubtedly a hotspot in the city, The Strip can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. That’s why we’ve compiled this ultimate FAQ guide covering everything you need to know before venturing down The Strip!

What is “The Strip” in Knoxville?

“The Strip” is the colloquial name for Cumberland Avenue. This bustling boulevard runs through the heart of Downtown Knoxville from World’s Fair Park all the way to campus at UT (University of Tennessee), offering some fantastic shops on both sides such as Earthbound Trading Co., Urban Outfitters etc.

Is there Parking Available along The Strip?

Yes! There are several parking lots accessible via side streets and entrances off Cumberland Ave itself. You might have trouble finding street parking near peak hours on weekends however paid parkings lots should suffice your needs comfortably.

Are there any Unique Food Options available here?

Absolutely! Whether you want traditional Southern food or something unique, there’s no shortage of amazing offerings along The Strip. Some must-try include Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken which has crispy perfection written all over its name whilst their devilishly juicy hot chicken will scorch up your palette yet keep coming back for more; Maple Hall Bowling & Bar serving up fancy cocktails while bowling has never been any cooler; Last days of Autumn Brewing later offers exotic beer sampling experience amidst picturesque setting giving away those perfect instagramable moments

Additionally, if Mexican cuisine excites your taste-buds , head towards La Paz Mexican Restaurant . Their flavorful burritos served with tasty margaritas make them one among many favorite places for happy hour indulgences around town .

Is Shopping possible along The Strip?

Definitely ! The Strip offers a wide variety of stores ranging from the likes of Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Earthbound Trading Company etc. boutiques like Long’s Drug Store can offer some hidden gems as well.

What Nightlife options are available here?

Look no further than The Strip for Knoxville’s best nightlife! Whether you want to dance the night away or enjoy live music performances or craft cocktails with friends – there is never any shortage of excitement in this vibrant neighborhood.

It’s worth checking out Preservation Pub & Market Square which probably being some locals favourite whiskey-bar; it houses many entertainments gigs happening on weekly basis playing genres ranging through country to indie rock . Another place worth mention is Barleys Taproom and Pizzeria that serves up one amazing beer list whilst their thin-crusted pizzas are too delicious not taste giving your buds quite mix-n-match combinations good enough keep them guessing what will come next .

In conclusion , If you’re planning an evening out at Cumberland Avenue, knowing what to expect ahead of time will make for a much smoother experience overall. Keep these answers handy while

Uncovering the Best Hidden Gems on Knoxville The Strip – Insiders Guide

Knoxville, Tennessee is a city steeped in history and culture. There are plenty of places to visit and explore in Knoxville, but one area that shouldn’t be missed is The Strip.

The Strip, also known as Cumberland Avenue, is a vibrant thoroughfare near the University of Tennessee. It’s home to bars, restaurants, shops, and more – making it the perfect spot for anyone looking for an exciting night out or just a fun day spent browsing unique stores.

But with so many options available on The Strip, how can you know where to start? Here’s our insider’s guide to uncovering the best hidden gems on Knoxville’s The Strip:

1) Cool Beans: Serving up locally roasted coffee in a cozy atmosphere, this café offers everything from lattes and cappuccinos to breakfast sandwiches and pastries. Plus their outdoor patio is perfect for people-watching!

2) Tomato Head: A staple restaurant offering delicious pizzas loaded with fresh ingredients. They offer vegan-friendly options too! But beyond pizza they have dishes like salads topped with tofu or even pasta pots served side by side grilled pita breads

3) Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria: From its location inside an old warehouse comes several bars under one roof including arcade games along with over 40 beers on tap and tasty pies that are some customer favorite dishes.

4) Phoenix Pharmacy + Fountain: This artisanal soda shop mixing classic styles (like root beer floats), modern takes like spiked “Pharmaceutical” milkshakes make this place much more than your average diner café experience.

5) Stock & Barrel: Serves burgers! Whenever you’re craving juicy ground meat creations done every way thinkable featuring Truffle fries as must try item from them . Also enjoy Bourbon happy hour specials .

6) Fizz Soda Bar:Candy store meets soda fountain , nothing short of delightful serving shakes , malts floats sorted by decade. They also offers rare bottle sodas that you won’t find anywhere else.

7) Tako Taco: Casual street style tacos served from a food truck! Options range from traditional pork Carnitas to unexpected Mahi Mahi and spicy cabbage slaw toppings. One must try item is their Taiwanese Fried Chicken Sandwich

8) The Phoenix Pharmacy + Fountain another Soda fountain shop offering spiked shakes, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches , in house made butterscotch that make it feel like an old school drugstore diner.

9) Grujo’s Authentic Yugoslavian Food: A small restaurant just down the Cumberland Strip specializing in cuisine from former Yugoslavia, With plenty of options ranging from savory pastries to hand rolled stuffed grape leaves accompanied by fresh squeezed lemonade makes this hidden gem worth visiting!

10) Downtown Grill & Brewery : Yes beer fans there’s something for all here with variety of craft beers on tap but beyond drinks they have delicious burgers, salads and entrees . Definitely try the Loaded Nachos as appetizers .

These are just some of our top picks for hidden gems on

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