The Rise of Biker Gang Pagans: Exploring the Culture and Beliefs of Motorcycle Clubs

The Rise of Biker Gang Pagans: Exploring the Culture and Beliefs of Motorcycle Clubs Info

Short answer: Biker Gang Pagans

Biker Gang Pagans, also known as the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club or The Pagans, is a notorious outlaw motorcycle gang in the United States. Founded in Maryland in 1959, they are known for their criminal activities and involvement in drug trafficking, violence and homicide. They have been classified as one of the “Big Four” biker gangs by the FBI.

How to Join and Become a Member of Biker Gang Pagans?

Are you looking to join a brotherhood of bikers who share your passion for riding, adventure and camaraderie? Look no further than the Pagans Motorcycle Club! Founded back in 1959 by Vietnam War veterans in Maryland, the Pagans have since grown into one of the largest outlaw biker gangs in America with more than 1,500 members across nearly 100 chapters spread out across the United States.

But becoming a member of this legendary biker gang is no easy task. Membership requirements are stringent and strict adherence to their codes of conduct is mandatory. Here’s what it takes to become a full-fledged member of this notorious motorcycle club:

Start By Prospecting

The first step in joining any motorcycle club is prospecting – proving yourself as worthy of membership through hard work and loyalty over time. Prospective members (or “hang-arounds”) must be at least 21 years old without any history of criminal activity or drugs usage. They will also need to demonstrate that they share and embody the values upheld by the Pagans: brotherhood, strength, respect, freedom and unity.

During this phase, aspiring members can expect to work closely with current club members on community service events or other tasks designated by elders within the club. This can range from fundraising activities for charity causes to helping with bike repairs or maintaining equipment used during rallies.

Support Your Local Chapter

Aspiring Pagans must gain approval from leaders within their local chapter before progressing towards full membership status. This requires earning support from current patchholders via consistent attendance at meetings & rides while demonstrating respect for their rules & orders.

Get Ready For The Challenges Ahead

At every stage along your journey toward earning full Pagan-blazoned leather colors (patch), potential recruits should prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for physical trials such as endurance runs which require completing long-distance treks on your motorbike while navigating obstacles under adverse conditions set up purposefully designed gauntlet including roadblocks, the conclusion of which involve a series of physical fitness tasks followed by loyalty tests.

Final Vote

Once prospective members have successfully completed these phases, they will be eligible for final membership consideration. Current Patchholders ultimately vote whether or not to offer them full membership status- there are no guarantees and aspiring recruits should understand that such decisions may take weeks if not months before your fate is decided within the club becoming fully-patched Pagan rider.

In Conclusion,

While joining any motorcycle club isn’t an easy feat, reaching full patchholder status with the Pagans requires true grit & dedication from start to end. But those who do make it through can rest assured knowing they’ve joined one of the most respected clubs in America – legendary among bikers everywhere for their unwavering commitment towards brotherhood, strength, respect and unity above all else!

Step-by-Step Guide: What It Takes to be a part of Biker Gang Pagans!

Disclaimer: It is crucial to note that being a part of any biker gang, including the Pagans Motorcycle Club, involves significant legal risks and should not be taken lightly. The following information serves as a hypothetical guide only.

The lifestyle of bikers has always been associated with a powerful aura of rebellion and freedom. For many individuals, riding motorcycles is less about transportation and more about living life on their own terms. One such group that embodies these traits are the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

Founded in 1959 by Lou Dobkin, an ex-Marine Corps member, in Prince George’s County Maryland, this notorious outlaw motorcycle organization currently boasts over 1,300 members across different states in America.

If you have ever dreamt of joining an exclusive brotherhood like the Pagans but don’t know where to begin? This step-by-step guide will help provide insight into what it takes to become a part of the Pagans Motorcycle Club:

Know Your Fact

Before diving headfirst into anything new or unfamiliar territory like becoming a Pagan; Make sure you research extensively both online and offline for more comprehensive knowledge source materials from books written regarding MCs history which would start from groups originating “One Percenter Clubs,” membership rules solicitation policies along with various law enforcement write-ups on high profile MC busts over time all around your country known worldwide as well!. Knowing everything necessary beforehand can make all the difference when choosing which club may best suit what one feels they seek within themself individually as well contributing towards overall aspirations too much reverence & respect without interfering someone else’s freedoms regardless if it could possibly jeopardize current situation state residence safety privacy etc so do set guidelines accordingly aware yourself.

Learn About Clothing Etiquette

One major identifier for motorcycle clubs is patchwork style clothing worn by its members. In most cases – those who wear leather vests adorned with patches- Known commonly as “cuts,” indicate affiliations and hierarchy within a club. To become a Pagan, one must study the different patches designed especially for them and require their members to wear – including their logo depicting Odin, standing on two wolves with a Valknut above it.


A significant number of Pagans are ex-military men or have been involved in combat training before joining the organization. However, if you lack such background experience or skills set required but still wish to join then becoming physically fit by incorporating daily workout routines will help greatly as many countries need more apt fitness levels occasionally too some even recruit fighters (boxing/martial arts/ wrestling) so taking these options up maybe helpful towards reaching those goals faster while maintaining overall health condition status stability throughout recovery periods.

Meeting Current Members

Before approaching any current member of The Pagans directly best advice would be to attend biker events meetups rallies other associated social gatherings related motorcycle groups peoples where one could potentially initiate contact with someone reputable who knows precisely what it takes into getting signed methods behind MC culture encouraging growth while fostering positive relations among all peers , appreciate good taste camaraderie food networking

Q: Who are the Pagans motorcycle club?
A: The Pagans motorcycle club (PMC) is one of the largest outlaw motorcycle gangs in the United States. It was founded in 1959 and has its headquarters in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Q: What do they stand for?
A: They identify as “Pagans”, suggesting an affinity with pre-Christian belief systems. However, their reputation precedes them as a violent organization heavily involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

Q: How many members do they have?
A: There is no official count for PMC membership due to its illicit nature. However, it’s estimated that there are between 1000-1500 active members across 45 chapters nationwide.

Q: What kind of crimes have they been linked to?
A: The PMC has a long history of criminal activity including drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, extortion, money laundering, racketeering, and homicide.

Q: Are all bikers part of gangs like these?
A: No! Not all bikers belong to or associate themselves with outlawed biker gangs like the PMC. Most bikers find fellowship through motorcycle clubs which focus on biking trips and charity work.

In conclusion…

The popularity surrounding biker culture creates curiosity regarding various groups comprising this community; however we urge caution when researching internet articles & videos due false propaganda associated with offering either sides presented towards Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs as whole.

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