Rural Metro: No injuries in South Knoxville house fire

Rural Metro No injuries in South Knoxville house fire News
A house fire in South Knoxville early Friday caused extensive damage but no injuries, according to Rural Metro Fire.

Firefighters responded around 4 a.m. to the 6200 block of Neubert Springs Road, where flames were coming through the roof of a single-family home. The intense heat and threat of collapse forced crews to fight the fire from outside, said Rural Metro spokesperson Jeff Bagwell.

All occupants of the home, including pets, were safely outside when firefighters arrived. No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Rural Metro urged residents to take steps to prevent house fires, including properly maintaining heating equipment and ensuring smoke detectors are working on every level of the home.

The South Knoxville fire was at least the third house fire in Knox County within 24 hours. Crews also responded to blazes Thursday on Oakhurst Drive in West Knoxville and on Millertown Pike.

With colder weather approaching, the risk of fire rises as more people turn on space heaters, fireplaces and furnaces. Rural Metro asked everyone to exercise caution and care to avoid potential fire hazards in and around homes.

Specific safety tips include keeping space heaters at least 3 feet from combustible objects like bedding, drapes or paperwork; properly venting kerosene and space heaters to the outside; never leaving cooking food, fireplaces or heaters unattended; and ensuring furnaces, chimneys, vents and exhaust ducts are cleaned and inspected annually.

Rural Metro Fire serves Knox County and other areas with a staff of 500, including 404 full-time certified firefighters and dispatched emergency workers.

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