Hard Knox Histories to feature Jack Neely

Jack Neely

Told you we had a big announcement today….

Starting this Friday, we will begin a biweekly collaboration with Knoxville’s favorite historian, Jack Neely. 

Every two weeks, “Hard Knox Histories” will feature an article put together by Jack and editor J.J. Stambaugh.

They will bring to life the people, places and stories that have made Knox County the fascinating community that it is.

As many of you recall, Jack used to write the “Secret History” feature in the old alt weekly Metropulse. He’s also the author of a slew of books, and now he’s taken on the role of executive director of the Knoxville History Project, too. 

“He has become one of Knoxville’s most popular writers and its unofficial historian,” according to the project’s website. “Jack is well known for his thoughtful, well-researched, and provocative pieces of long-form journalism, not to mention his books, speeches, and other public appearances.”

The Knoxville History Project is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to research and promote the history of Knoxville. Hard Knox Wire, as you know, is a subscription-based news publication that hopes to carve out a niche in the wilderness of Knoxville’s media landscape.

“Like many, many other people in Knoxville we have been fans of Jack and his work for a long time,” said Hard Knox Wire publisher Jenna Stambaugh. “We are beyond thrilled to be able to work with him on a regular basis.”

She continued:  “Many of us would barely even be aware that Knoxville had a fascinating history if it hadn’t been for his passion in telling our ancestors’ stories. It’s an honor to be able to work with Jack and the Knoxville History Project, as we share their goal of educating our readers about the past as well as the present.”

Hard Knox Wire editor J.J. Stambaugh (left) and local historian Jack Neely (right) discuss their first biweekly feature in the offices of the Knoxville History Project. Photo by Jenna Stambaugh