KUB Fiber Internet Access Expanding to Over 35,000 More Knoxville Households This Year

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Knoxville, TN – Knoxville Utilities Board announced this week that their high-speed fiber internet service will reach about 35,500 additional households across Knox County by the end of 2022. The expansion is part of KUB’s five-year plan to provide fiber internet access to all 214,000 homes and businesses they serve with electric power.

According to Andrew Hmielewski, Director of KUB Fiber Operations, the rollout remains on schedule despite supply chain challenges. New areas receiving access this year include:

  • 3,000 homes in Grainger and Union Counties (July)
  • 8,500 homes in South Knoxville (August)
  • 10,000 homes north of downtown in Mechanicsville and West View (September)
  • 14,000 homes in southwest Knox County near Northshore Drive (December)

In addition to residential service, the KUB Fiber expansion allows local businesses like Pink Moon recording studio to upgrade to faster, more affordable internet connectivity. “It’s been a gamechanger,” said studio manager Connor Wheaton, who reported saving thousands per month and gaining the ability to collaborate remotely with artists.

KUB aims to provide fiber internet access to underserved and rural communities currently lacking reliable broadband. They offer discounted rates through the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides qualifying customers $30 off monthly bills.

Residential KUB Fiber plans start at 1 gigabit per second for $65/month. Business plans begin at 500 megabits per second for $85/month. The rollout will continue into 2028, ultimately serving all KUB electric customers across East Tennessee.

Widespread access to high-speed internet has never been more critical. KUB Fiber’s rapid expansion stands to connect communities, transform education, empower businesses, and boost the regional economy. Step by step, more Knoxville households and companies can now join the gigabit future.

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