Knoxville Upgrading Sewer Plant Control Panel

Knoxville Upgrading Sewer Plant Control Panel News
The Knoxville Borough Council approved spending $3,500 to upgrade the control panel for the local wastewater treatment plant. The upgrade will allow for automated switches, improving a system that council members said is aging and at risk of failure.

The council also approved $3,500 for a garage door, entrance door, and steel siding installation at the water pump house. Contractor Marty Miller of Nelson will complete the work using materials the borough already purchased.

Knoxville’s fire hydrant flushing is scheduled to start this month. Borough employee J.D. Kohut will perform the work on the last Wednesday of each month. The council is also discussing repaving First and Maple Streets this summer but has not yet requested bids.

County borough association meetings may change to a quarterly schedule under a new proposal. The group currently meets monthly in different boroughs, but the revised schedule would see them meet in March in Mansfield, June in Blossburg, September in Westfield, and December in Wellsboro. Dues payments and nomination committee deadlines would also change under the proposal.

The Knoxville Borough Council will hold their next public meeting at 7:30 p.m. on June 19. In addition to standard municipal business, the agenda may include approving bids for the street paving project and finalizing details on the sewer plant control panel upgrade.

Regular maintenance and improvements to essential infrastructure like wastewater treatment systems and roadways help ensure uninterrupted public services and prevent costly emergency repairs. The council’s proactive steps this month indicate their commitment to keeping Knoxville functioning efficiently and safely.

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