Knoxville Business Creates Magical Slumber Parties

Slumber party rental business goes Over the Top in Knoxville Info
Cammy Kromer started Over the Top to design memorable slumber party experiences for Knoxville families. After feeling uninspired in her corporate job, Kromer launched the business in March to share her passion for crafting joyful moments with others.

Over the Top offers themed indoor tents or outdoor bell tents for sleepovers without the hassle of camping. Customers choose a theme on the company’s website and provide guest numbers and tent options. Kromer said she aims to create any theme a customer desires with two weeks’ notice.

Indoor tents feature air mattresses and decor matching themes like boho, sports, or movies. The outdoor bell tent provides an air mattress and accessories for a campout ambiance. For larger parties, Over the Top has two tents. Kromer said the business books birthday parties but also serves sports teams, visiting relatives, and holidays like July 4th.

Most customers find Over the Top through word-of-mouth or social media. Kromer credits her entrepreneurial and creative spirit to her parents, who overcame obstacles like deafness to build successful lives. Her mother’s skills as a master seamstress aid in crafting the tents and party decor.

Kromer started the business to bring more fulfillment and sparkle to her own life. She now seeks to spread that same sense of joy and wonder to Knoxville’s families and children through imaginative slumber parties. Over the Top allows both kids and kids-at-heart to experience the delight of fanciful themes and escapism right in their own backyards.

“The most important thing about Over the Top is creating memories that will last far beyond the party gifts and toys,” Kromer said. By weaving magic into the everyday, her whimsical tents make treasured experiences that shape how children view the world and themselves within it. An “over the top” sense of joy is a gift for life.

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