Going Big and Bold with the Orange: Exploring the Power of Color in Design

Going Big and Bold with the Orange: Exploring the Power of Color in Design Info

Short answer go big orange:

Go Big Orange is a rallying cry commonly used by the University of Tennessee’s athletic teams. It reflects the school’s official colors, which are orange and white. The phrase has become synonymous with UT sports and it is often chanted by fans during games as a show of support.

Mastering the Art of ‘Go Big Orange’: Step-by-Step Tips for Fans and Newcomers Alike

When it comes to college sports, there are few fan bases as passionate and loyal as those who support the University of Tennessee Volunteers. From their iconic “Checker Neyland” game day tradition to their legendary mascot Smokey, UT fans have a lot to be proud of – but one aspect that stands out above all else is the team’s vibrant orange color.

Known colloquially as “Big Orange,” this bright hue has become synonymous with UT athletics and serves as a source of pride for students, alumni, and fans alike. Whether you’re new to the Volunteer Nation or just looking to up your Big Orange game, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to master this epic shade:

Step 1: Understand the Origins of ‘Go Big Orange’

The phrase “Go Big Orange” originated in the early 1970s, when then-UT head coach Bill Battle launched a marketing campaign centered around the school’s distinctive color scheme. The phrase quickly caught on among fans and soon became an unofficial rallying cry for Vol Nation.

Step 2: Embrace All Things Orange

To truly appreciate what it means to be part of UT’s Big Orange family, you need to go all-in on embracing everything orange. This means investing in orange clothing (bonus points if it features Smokey), stocking up on orange accessories like hats and bags, and even decking out your home or office space with UT-themed decor.

Step 3: Incorporate ‘Checker Neyland’ Into Your Game Day Routine

Every season during one home football game at Neyland Stadium , Vol Nation participates in Checker Neyland – everyone dresses either in white or black specially arranged for visually captivating alternating checkerboard pattern from endzone-to-endzone . It’s truly awe-inspiring experience; therefore incorporating such colors into your regular wardrobe leading up towards gameday would prove beneficial.

Step 4: Learn About Other Iconic Tennessee Traditions

While “Go Big Orange” may be the mantra that defines UT athletics, it’s far from the only tradition worth knowing about. From singing “Rocky Top” to cheering on Smokey (the bluest of all blue-tick hounds), there are countless other pieces of Vol lore waiting to be discovered.

Step 5: Pass On Your Love for ‘Big Orange’ To Future Generations

Finally, true mastery of all things orange requires passing on your love and appreciation for Tennessee sports to future generations. Whether you’re attending games with your kids or proudly displaying UT memorabilia in your home, spreading the gospel of Big Orange is a crucial part of being a true Volunteer fan.

In conclusion: becoming an expert in everything Big Orange takes time and effort – but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have as a college sports fan. So go ahead – embrace the boldness and passion embodied by UT’s iconic color scheme, and who knows? You might just inspire others to do the same!

Frequently Asked Questions About ‘Go Big Orange’ Answered: Everything You Need to Know

“Go Big Orange” is a phrase that’s been around for decades, and it’s something you hear all the time if you’re a fan of the University of Tennessee. But what does it mean? Where did it come from? And why do we say it?

1. What Does “Go Big Orange” Mean?

At its core, “Go Big Orange” is a rallying cry that expresses support for UT athletics teams. It’s meant as an encouragement to players and fans alike to show their spirit and passion for everything orange-tinged (figuratively speaking).

2. Why Is Everything at UT So…Orange?

Ah yes, the age-old question: why are oranges such a big deal at UT? Well my dear reader, in case you didn’t know – one of Tennessee’s nickname happens to be ‘The Volunteer State’. This becomes relevant when seeking out how our school colors came into existence 🙁 warning; history lesson ahead!) When New York-born General Samuel L Jackson (no relation), led regiments during The Mexican-American War he noticed that Tennessean soldiers stood out in their plain grey uniforms and decided his own regiment needed something eye-catching too so naturally brightened them up with neon-orange accents on army jackets!

Accordingly Volunteers became associated with these orange-clad fighters we now refer colloquially as Vols – cool huh?

As legend has it though the first mention of actual volunteers featured men clad brown hunting shirts readying themselves for battle against native Cherokee people who had responded violently after mistreatment by legionnaires previously based where Knoxville appears today…the governor promised 1200 volunteers would assemble quickly once news spread about outrages committed several hundred miles East but instead nearly 25,000 showed up ready for action- talk about some overzealous folks right?

3. When Did “Go Big Orange” Become a Thing?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when “Go Big Orange” took hold as the go-to slogan for UT fans. But according to sources (ahem, Google), it dates back at least to the early 1970s and maybe even earlier.

4. Where Can You See “Go Big Orange” in Action?

You can find evidence of this beloved phrase all around campus – from official merchandising items like hats and shirts to billboards on major highways like I-40. The official Tennessee Athletics website has plenty of information about how you can get involved with supporting your fave team!

5. Is “Go Big Orange” Just a Football Thing or Does It Apply to Other Sports Too?

We are pleased to report that it is most definitely not limited just football! All Vols sports teams are part of the family, which means they’re all eligible targets for big orange cheers… And if you ever have

‘Going Big’ in Style: How to Incorporate the Iconic Shade into Your Game Day Look

Game day is here and the excitement is palpable. You know what you want to wear, but there’s just one thing missing – that “wow factor” to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Fear not, we’ve got just the solution – going big with an iconic shade that never fails to turn heads: black.

Black is a color that exudes power, sophistication, and elegance making it a perfect choice for game day attire. Going all-black can appear dull and uninspiring if not done right so let’s explore some tips on how to incorporate this iconic shade into your game day look effortlessly!

First things first, pick out your favorite pair of black pants or leggings as they will be the foundation of your outfit. Black jeans are perfect too because they offer comfort without sacrificing style. For added texture, choose leather trousers which give off rocker chic vibes while also providing fashion-forward flair!

Next up? Tops! There are myriad choices when it comes to team jerseys or t-shirts paired with denim jackets in shades of gray or light blue add an extra dimension to elevate any plain sports top. Alternatively, try a sleeveless sheer mesh tank top matched with sleek satin blouson jacket- offering a sultry yet subtle vibe.

Accessories play an important role in adding depth to any monochrome based ensemble. Hats should be simple and understated such as knit beanies or snapbacks; however statement-worthy sunglasses when used correctly provide drama without overbearing anything else going on in terms of aesthetics.

Accessorize further by incorporating metallic silver jewelry like chunky chain necklaces alongside spike bracelets to demand attention without being overwhelming.

When faced with choosing shoes opt for boots which perfectly encapsulate both streetwear and refined appearance while also offering maximum comfortability so everyone around you doesn’t miss-out on their chance at cheering their hearts out.

In conclusion, rocking black outfits during game day offers versatility by either creating rockstar looks through introducing leather and mesh materials to sportswear or going athletic by stocking up on team t-shirts with denim jackets. Its sophistication soars when outfitted with statement-making sunglasses, metallic jewelry, and footed boots that gives a punchy yet effortless vibe.

So next time you find yourself trying to make an impact while still remaining comfortable during game day remember: there’s no better way than “going big” in black!

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