Discovering the Wonders of Zoo Knoxville: A Guide to the Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

Discovering the Wonders of Zoo Knoxville: A Guide to the Ultimate Wildlife Adventure Info

Short answer: Zoo Knoxville

Zoo Knoxville is a 53-acre non-profit zoo located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1948 and houses over 800 animals, representing more than 200 species from around the world. The zoo focuses on conservation efforts for endangered species and has several exhibits dedicated to educating visitors on conservation issues.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying Your Visit to Zoo Knoxville

Are you planning on visiting Zoo Knoxville but feel a bit lost about how to make the most of your visit? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered! Here’s our step-by-step guide to enjoying your trip to one of Tennessee’s most beloved zoos.

Step 1: Check Out the Map
Before stepping into the park, grab a map and familiarize yourself with the layout. Understanding where each exhibit is in relation to each other will allow you to efficiently plan out your day at the zoo. This way, you can see all your favorite animals without feeling like you missed something important.

Step 2: Plan Your Visit around Feeding Times
Take advantage of feeding times listed on your map or online schedule beforehand- this gives visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with their furry friends while they’re active and maybe even playful for once. There’s nothing quite as captivating (or entertaining) as watching some big cats leap after chunks of meat!

Step 3: Bring Some Snacks
It’s understandable that grabbing lunch within park premises might burn holes in wallets; so it doesn’t hurt packing some crackers or chips from home along with reusable water bottles which could save money too. Being able to have snacks when between exhibits comes in handy, keeping blood sugar steady enough that kids don’t go wild and aiding temper tantrum avoidance.

Step 4: Don’t Miss These Highlights
As expected from Knoxville’s four-star tourist attraction – there are many highlights worth catching during visits! Spacious habitats provide comfortable conditions for large variety of creatures including tigers, elephants,Giraffes,Lions,Hippo,Rhinos among others-plus recurring events such as “animal encounters” are often crowd pleasers.

The Safari Splash Splashes Water Play area is also considered unmissable by families traveling with young children during hot days. For those seeking added adventure should opt for a ropes course inside Adventure Action Park located near the zoo, riding among tree tops on zip lines paired with obstacle challenges.

Step 5: Respect Animals and Learn from Staff
Respect guideline signs put in place for both visitors’ and animals’ safety. Steer clear of exhibits barred passage (for your safety) , don’t tap on glass or harass animals trying to rest -a plethora of knowledgeable keepers around are always ready to answer any question about a creature’s habits, diet etc. Be sure to listen carefully as their insights could provide invaluable learning experiences during visits.

So there we have it- follow these steps and you’ll be ensured an enjoyable Zoo Knoxville visit. A fun day out awaits for animal lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and families alike!

Zoo Knoxville FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

Zoo Knoxville is one of the most popular amusement parks in Tennessee that attracts people of all ages who are eager to explore a vast array of exotic animals and experience unparalleled family fun. Before you head out to enjoy your day with monkeys, elephants, tigers and more at the Zoo Knoxville, take some time to read through these frequently asked questions (FAQ) so that you can fully prepare for your visit.

When is Zoo Knoxville Open?

The zoo is open year-round from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., except during special events such as Boo! At The Zoo when operating hours may vary.

What are the Admission Prices?

Making an informed decision before visiting any place saves you money as well as hassle and trouble. General admission prices range between $20-$25 depending on the season or age. However, there are military discounts available which means if someone’s father in law served his country proudly; he should get benefit from it at this opportunity!

How do I Purchase My Ticket Ahead Of Time?

You can conveniently purchase tickets online by visiting . There visitors will have access to possible discounted ticket offers or memberships than if they just showed up without prior registration on their phones, computers or other electronic devices.

Are there Any Special Exhibits Currently Available?

Yes indeed! Visitors often flock to see NEW exhibits like ‘Lorikeet Landing’ where guests can actually feed nectar directly into colorful lorikates beaks while experiencing interaction with them first hand); ‘Tiger Forest’, displaying majestic Amur Tigers prowling around their very own jungle habitat providing an unforgettable sensory adventure for animal lovers ; or even “Trail of Butterflies”, enabling everyone coming closer enough with ultimate beauty found only within nature’s unique patterns like butterfly wings !

Do You Have Wheelchair Rentals Available On Site ?

Yes- visitors who need wheelchair/accessible rentals can rent one ($10) along with motorized wheelchairs ($25) or strollers etc. But let them know ahead so that they can reserve for you upon arrival.

Can I bring My Own Food Into the Zoo?

Guests are allowed to bring in their own non-alcoholic drinks and coolers filled with food such as sandwiches, chips, fruit cups or other snacks at selected eating locations only throughout the zoo; however these items cannot be brought into restaurant refreshment areas like Penguin Cafe’ where an array of foods should satisfy your hunger as well!

What Should I Wear When Visiting The Zoo?

Comfortable clothes and shoes are highly recommended no matter what season you visit! Expert advice: Don’t forget sunscreen against sunburn, hats for protection during rainstorms from sudden showers even when humidity is high outside- especially if visiting animals exhibit outdoor plays areas with spray down waterfalls whether feeding lorikeets barefoot on beach-like places around Lorikeet Landing requires a change-out afterward.

Zoo Knoxville promises never-ending amusement experiences for visitors of all ages.This FAQ guide has provided answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQ

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Zoo Knoxville: Must-See Exhibits and Attractions

Zoo Knoxville is a must-visit destination that offers guests the opportunity to explore an impressive range of wildlife exhibits and attractions. Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, this fantastic zoo boasts some of the most incredible and unique animal exhibits in the region.

Whether you’re a seasoned zoo enthusiast or just looking for a fun day out with family or friends, there are plenty of hidden gems worth exploring at Zoo Knoxville.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of these hidden gems:

1. River Otters

One exhibit that always leaves visitors smiling from ear-to-ear is the river otter habitat – home to several playful North American river otters. These furry little creatures love to swim around their pool while entertaining visitors with their antics!

2. Gibbons

At the Gibbon Trails exhibit, you’ll have your chance to get up close and personal with these acrobatic primates. Listen to them sing and watch as they swing effortlessly from branch-to-branch on ropes strung throughout their enclosure.

3. Tortoises

Another fascinating exhibit can be found near Kids Cove– The Aldabra giant tortoises, native only to Madagascar in Indian ocean weighs more than 500 lbs each! watching them go about their slow-paced life really puts time into perspective!

4.The African forest elephants

the endangered species held within multi acre elephant savanna on-site at Zoo Knoxville gives visitors an opportunity view one of world’s largest mammals without being confined within depressing captivity fences like other zoos do.


You’ll forget all about Antarctica when you come face-to-face with Penguin Cove’s feathered residents waddling and diving behind glass panels where you can see everything amidst snow setting decoration.. Don’t miss feeding times daily featuring keeper chats where curious ones gather comfortably beside visitors maintaining physical distance protocols followed during coronavirus pandemic era..

6.Butterflies Landing Enclosure

If you’re looking for even smaller things with large impact, don’t miss the Butterflies Landing.It’s a butterfly sanctuary that brings guests up close and personal with dozens of species – watch them fluttering around nectar plants while as they land on your outstretched fingertips! This experience is not just for kids but adults as well.


Take adventure to next level by boarding an open-air safari touring bus which takes one through various exhibit zones and provides insights into exhibits ranging from animal habitats, conservation research initiatives and behind-the-scenes activities at Zoo Knoxville.Adults 18 years + can opt for private zoofaris and may include taking cocktails in V.I.P pavilion near African elephants or even treating yourself or family/friends with feeding experience to towering giraffes by coordinating ahead of time..

All these hidden gems make Zoo Knoxville an absolute must-visit attraction for anyone wanting to explore the wilder side of Tennessee.Discover newly updated themed play areas designed keeping safety aspect inside Kids Cove exploring exhibits that educate about biomechanics through turtles, lobster,zoo animals using digital technology or trying making p

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