Discovering the Wonders of Knoxville Zoo: A Guide to the Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

Discovering the Wonders of Knoxville Zoo: A Guide to the Ultimate Wildlife Adventure Info

**Short answer knoxvillezoo:** Knoxville Zoo is a zoo located east of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee that houses over 900 animals and has been operational since 1948. The zoo also hosts numerous events throughout the year including Brew at the Zoo and Boo at the Zoo.

Exploring Knoxville Zoo Step By Step: Must-See Attractions and Exhibits

As a major tourist attraction in Knoxville, Tennessee and one of the most visited zoos in the U.S., it’s no wonder that visiting Knoxville Zoo is on many people’s bucket lists. With over 800 animals across 54 acres, there’s so much to see and do at this expansive zoo! From meeting rare animals up close to learning about conservation efforts for species all around the world, there are plenty of amazing opportunities you won’t want to miss.

To start off your visit right, make sure you head towards Boyd Family Asian Trek once you’ve entered. This mini-Asian rainforest showcases incredible creatures like red pandas (which are as cute as they sound!), leopards, gibbons and more. Visitors can even feed Malayan tapirs from their hands through an interactive feeding experience!

After getting up close with these adorable creatures, be sure not to miss any other attractions! Head into Wee Play Adventure where kids (or adults who feel like kids!) will delight in playing games or climbing obstacles – It’s perfect for expending some extra energy while exploring everything else offered within the zoo.

Another must-do activity when at Knoxville Zoo is riding the train. Running along Beaver Creek near Gibbon Trails & Langur Landing exhibit areas amongst towering trees beckoning tons of beautiful birds and impressive primates swinging above – it’s impossible not enjoy this leisurely tour throughout parts of campus inaccessible by foot alone.

If you’re looking for something unique during your trip to Knoxsville Zoo though then take time to swing by Bills Wildflower Garden: A woodland garden set among rocky hillsides featuring plants indigenous both here locally but also those found far away outside Eastern United States borders including China where rare floral specimens have been anxiously sought-after by botanists alike for centuries.

Of course we couldn’t forget about The African Aviary! Its size and variety definitely makes an impression on all guests big or small; however moments really stand out as your surrounded by some of the most striking birds in this world. From small finches to storks nearly as tall as a person, it’s an experience like none other!

Finally, don’t leave without visiting the Gorilla Valley! These majestic and intelligent creatures are truly fascinating to watch, and with habitats designed for their optimal living conditions – visitors can see something really special here which can’t be viewed anywhere else.

So whether you’re looking to take in all that nature has to offer when exploring Knoxville Zoo or have particular destinations chosen within its vastness – there’s so much that awaits anyone no matter what kind of mood they’re in!

Knoxville Zoo FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Visit

Knoxville Zoo is a renowned destination for animal lovers and families looking to spend quality time together while enjoying the wonders of nature. With an impressive collection of exotic animals, interactive exhibits, and immersive experiences, the Knoxville Zoo offers all the excitement, fun and learning opportunities that you can possibly hope for.

If you are planning to visit this fantastic zoo soon with your family or friends, we have put together some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help make your trip much easier:

What are the Hours of Operation?

The Knoxville Zoo is open every day from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm except on Christmas Eve & Day when it remains closed. However, during certain times in summer & winter season there could be exceptions so checking their website beforehand would be recommended.

How Do I Purchase Tickets?

You can buy tickets online at or onsite Box Office upon arrival but buying them early through their streamlined website could save time as you’ll get express entry without waiting in queues!

Are There Discounts Available?

Yes! Active Military personnel receive free regular admission days where invited annually by the Knoxvilez oo While senior citizens (65+) enjoy half-price admission any day they want to come along all year-round.

Is Parking Free?

-Zoo parking costs $7 per vehicle; however members with Platinum Plus membership tier have free parking perk benefits!

Are Food/Lunch Options available within The zoo premises Or Should We Bring Our Own Snacks/Meals Along With Us?

There are several food options available inside The Knoxville zoo including restaurants and kiosks featuring World’s Fair-era snacks like funnel cakes & soft pretzels also coffee shops located within walking distance to grab a quick caffeine break. But bringing your own homemade goodies along would add up more joy moments while snacking under shades taking breaks here and there outside kid-friendly playground area :

Do You Offer Guided Tours?

Yes! Knoxville Zoo offers private escorted tours like their popular Behind the Scenes Tour which lets visitors explore various lesser known nooks & crannies that keeps zoo humming. Additionally, parents with small children can take advantage of Child Feeding and Stroller Rentals Service to ease up travel with little ones!

What Is Your Animal Welfare Policy?

Knoxville Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) since 1978. Therefore they always ensure all animals under their care receive proper nourishment, medical attention whenever required on timely schedules including dental checkups! Many creatures within are provided ample space while others get immersive environments for naturalistic behaviors.

With these FAQs you’ll have everything you need to know before your visit to the Knoxville Zoo – whether it’s what hours they’re open or where to grab some food during your trip. We hope this helps make your next adventure at the Knoxvilez oo super convenient assuring a great visit experience ahead!

Behind the Scenes at Knoxville Zoo: Insider Tips and Secrets

The Knoxville Zoo is a staple attraction in the city, drawing thousands of visitors each year to witness the diverse array of animal species housed within its walls. But what most visitors don’t know is that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this popular destination.

1) Visit early or late in the day

Like all zoos, animals at Knoxville Zoo are most active during cooler periods such as morning hours or late afternoon/evening time windows. During these times you will be able to see them roaming around instead of lazing off under shades.

2) Check for special events

It seems like every weekend brings new attractions to explore at Knoxville Zoo—from educational programming to seasonal celebrations like Boo! At The Zoo featuring Halloween-themed activities or Luminights —the spectacular light show event with food trucks and beer gardens!. Be sure to check their calendar ahead so you won’t miss any fun activities before planning your trip.

3) Watch where you walk!

This may sound obvious but remember – plants aren’t just decorative elements; they serve crucial roles in providing sustenance and habitats for various animals living inside trenches beneath open walkways. And some turtles like laying eggs underneath pathways too! Don’t worry – They keep track of these locations and take care while cleaning those areas so nobody disturbs any hatchlings-in-waiting.

4) Take advantage of tours & experiences

Knoxville Zoo offers several opportunities for guests who want an up-close-and-personal look behind-the-scenes: including Animal Encounter programs Surprising Snakes session where guests get VIP access into snake room), keeper chats, interactive exhibits like giraffe feeding station allowing visitors hand-feed carrot sticks (at additional costs though!). These experiences provide valuable learning resources for animal aficionados.

5) Contribute to wildlife conservation

Finally, While you’re enjoying all the fun and excitement of Knoxville Zoo don’t forget that the underlying mission of every zoo is in providing protection and conservatory measures befitting flora & fauna alike. Consider contributing towards their various initiatives such as annual passes designed to encourage more frequent visitors or supporting fundraising events like Boo at The Zoo benefiting habitat restoration plans.

So there you have it, some secrets and tips – straight from betwixt nature at Knoxville Zoo! Implementing these can definitely enhance your overall experience while also feeling good about contributing towards important environmental efforts aimed at conserving our planet’s biodiversity and natural wonders.

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