A White Christmas

White Christmas 2020
Snows falls in North Knoxville on Christmas Eve.

For only the third time in 50 years, a white Christmas has descended across Knoxville and the rest of the Tennessee Valley.
It’s safe to say that after the kids open all of Santa’s gifts this morning that thousands of families will break out the parkas, sleds and hot chocolate to fully enjoy the Winter Wonderland.
The last time Knoxville had a white Christmas was when two inches of the cold stuff fell in 2010. Prior to that, however, you have to turn the calendar all the way back to 1976 to find another one, according to National Weather Service records.
The snow is still falling so it’s too early to say how much of the white stuff this winter storm will finally bring, but at least three inches had fallen by midnight in Fountain City and some drifts had accumulated more than six inches.
It may not be enough to make us forget a bitter year that has seen a deadly pandemic and political divisions grow even deeper, but it’s hard to imagine a more magical sight than East Tennessee after a heavy snowfall.
Merry Christmas, Knoxville!